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You can always try to negotiate—both insisting on giving a smaller discount to clients or a lower commission for them. There are also some sites that offer commission-free coupon creation that you might want to try as well.

Customers purchase coupons

The best way to still turn a profit on coupons is to bundle more than one service or product as a package deal. It can be combining a high margin product with a lower one, or a package that includes a series of visits. Businesses that use Groupon or other coupon sites think that they will get a bunch of new clients that will keep coming back after they use the coupon.

You can also follow up the service with an email asking how it was and offering them a coupon or deal for their next visit.

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Make them feel special—give them great service and follow up with a good deal. If they stay with you, even if you lost some money on the initial coupon, it will be worth it in the long run. Having a reason behind offering a coupon will make clients much more accepting of the full price when the special time is over, and it will be easier to turn them into profitable clients. Groupon and similar sites want you to offer as many coupons as possible, so they make as much money as possible off your deal.

However, it might not be the best thing for your business to offer a large volume of coupons, because it might affect your existing clientele or business if the coupon ends up not being profitable. For example, limit one per client or visit, only for the first visit or new clients, only above a certain purchase size, and so on. This will ensure that you are making enough to justify the coupon. Make it a condition that in order to redeem the coupon, they must provide their email and phone number.

Once you have their details, you can send them scheduled coupons and deals for special occasions like their birthday, a three month since their last visit coupon, a one year anniversary of their first visit, and so on. Another friend-brings-friend option is, when someone redeems a regular coupon especially a one-off deal , you can give give them a coupon to gift to a friend instead of one for themselves.

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The other businesses end up becoming trusted referrals to your business, because clients often ask hairdressers to recommend beauticians, or nutritionists about personal trainers, and so on. Potential scenarios include whether you sell all coupons or just a few, if clients return or not, if they come at a certain time of day, and so on.

The idea is very simple. If you want to buy something specific or buy from a specific ecommerce website, you can first visit a coupon website to check for the presence of a discount coupon for the same.

11 tips to help you get the most out of offering coupons for your business

After clicking the coupon code, you are redirected to the specific product page, and a discount is applied to your purchase. Whether we like it or not, customers have started expecting discounts when they shop online.

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Year-round discounts, membership-based and registration-based discounts, discount codes, and coupon codes are prominent mechanisms of passing on discounts to customers. So, even if it had not occurred to you that you could use a coupon code, you are reminded of it.

The Business of Display Part 7: Making Money With Coupons

All you need to do is open up another browser window and search for a coupon. Usually, it is quite easy to locate a valid coupon and avail of an instant discount. There could be several revenue streams for a coupon website.

But the primary revenue comes from affiliate sales, and secondary revenue is from advertising. This means that not just does the ecommerce website pass on money to the customer in the form of a coupon discount, it also passes on money to the coupon website in the form of an affiliate commission.

In most cases, the advertising revenue for coupon websites is minimal. The jury is hung. Especially when couponing businesses are sensible enough to get deeply integrated into the social networks of their users and offer deals that actually work, we think that customers will prefer to buy from sites where they can apply coupon codes.

And that will encourage e-commerce businesses to keep offering coupon codes to remain an attractive destination.